Password: the ground. The ground, which worked, offers you its own fruits. The ground that it spontaneity offers you the colours of its uncontaminated nature and relaxing hangout.
The agricamping Darwin has risen in this double meaning. Entered into effect into 2009, just in the Charles Darwin’s bicentenary, it has started as a project in 2004 with the desire to create a place wherein the people fully could feel the genuiness of southern ground and of the people living there.


The company is handled by Andrea and Raffaella, 2 young blood registered at the WOOF, an organization that offer food, accomodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.
The agricamping developed along three hectares partitioned in areas: camping, orchard and vegetable garden. It particular location between the sea and the alimini lakes produce an agreeable and particular microclimate especially in the summer evenings.