Baia dei Turchi (Turkey’s Bay): 2 km distance, wild and uncontaminated, archievable only by walk,  is the place wherein in the XV  the turkish people would have  landed.



Laghi Alimini (Alimini lakes): 2 km distance, its belong to the safeguarded oasi and are connected by a canal.  The big alimini is exclusively surrounded by a rocky  belt, pine forest covered. The small aliminu is produced by manysweet springs.



 Otranto: 8 km distance, is the most eastern district of Italy. Initially messapian core and roman, afterwards byzantine and later aragonesian. It extend around the majestic castel and the norman cathedral. In 2010 the ancient burg was declared a Unesco World Heritage site and it belongs to the italian club “the beautifulest burgs of Italy”.


Lago Orte (Orte lake): 10 km distance, typical red-brown due to the chemistry concentration of bauxite that contrasts with the green vegetation, is already a fundemantal destination.